Inner Loop West (ILW) is a multi-family real estate investment brokerage & advisory firm in Houston, TX.

Expertise is in the brokerage of boutique multi-family properties located on in-fill sites that are to small for institutional apartment brokers and beyond the expertise of a traditional residential realtor.

Inner Loop West has established itself as a trusted source in brokerage with thorough block-by-block knowledge of “inner loop” sub-markets and the underlying fundamentals influencing Houston’s apartment market.

The primary goal at Inner Loop West is to help clients achieve optimal results through wholeheartedly understanding their investment objectives and providing valuable insights and opportunities to transact deals.

Brian Janak is the Sole Member for and creator of ILW in 2012.  Inner Loop West / Brian Janak does not invest, own, lease or manage apartment properties. The overall skill set is in the market knowledge and ability to manage the transaction process.  As of 2021, this is the 17th year in Houston commercial real estate.


Houston Multifamily Investment Sales

 Brian Janak 832-247-6333 / janak@innerloopwest.com